Monday, January 31, 2011

St. Bede Nerf Outing #1

Let me start the recapping by saying a massive thanks again to all the good folks at St. Bede the Venerable School. Specifically to Mr. Guerin, Mrs. Edwards, and the Schmidt Brothers for enabling and helping us here at the CLDTS to put on this event. Total there were 37 Attendees, which is the largest Chicago-area Nerf Outing EVER!

Here are the pictures:

Just click the group shot to go to the album

Some of the highlights from the outing:
- Great to see all the new people getting out there and Nerfing
- Using the gym mats and pads to safely make some awesome cover
- The truly epic rounds of Capture the Flag
- Getting the "Defend the Fort" gametype to work! :)
- Watching over 1000 darts fly during the various rounds

I'd love to hear what everyone who attended thought of the outing! Feel free to post in the comments. If you are having trouble getting any of the pics, or have any questions feel free to email me at:

Awesome War!

Hey guys, Snake here.

Awesome Outing on Saturday. Big thanks to St. Bede, their principal and head of athletics, the basketball coaches who helped out and all the attendees! Without everyone helping out we couldn't have made it happen!

I'm going through the pics at the moment and they'll be up tonight tomorrow! Stay tuned!

**Feel free to post your post-war thoughts on the outing!**

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hey guys, Snake here. This post is to offically publish all of our rules and what you need to bring to any of our events. Rules: - Bring a good attitude - Eye Protection must be worn at all times - No homemade blasters or darts - Breaking any rules gets you a trip to the Penalty Box - DO NOT bring any darts, we will provide official Nerf brand darts What to Bring: - Nerf, BuzzBee, Lanard, Airzone, or other brand foam blaster - Eye Protection (Nerf brand vision gear are ideal) - A healthy snack or lunch (depending on the time of day) - Gym shoes and athletic wear (Nerfing is a very physical activity!) Indoor Specific Rules: - No Melee Weapons or Shields (Swords, Axes, Maces, etc) Gametypes are game specific rules are explained before every round.

Huge News! Indoor Outings Galore!!!

Hey guys, Snake here!

Man the winter has been cold and long, and without Nerf...UNTIL NOW!

Here at the CLDTS we've teamed up with a local school to put on a large scale indoor outing. On January 29 the event will take place. Our official rules will be posted here as well as any other information you guys will need. Feel free to email/comment with questions or concerns.

Pics and reports from the event will follow!